Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy Dolls

So, I haven't been too good at blogging since Jason left from R&R. There was just so much to tell and show while he was home, and now it is just back to the boring, old, normal, daily life. Anyway, I did want to post about the kids' Daddy Dolls. I bought the kits for them on clearance at the BX months ago and just stashed them away until R&R. We ordered them and Jason recorded the voice boxes for each of them, and then he left. I had hoped that the would get delivered before he left, but that didn't happen. But, the did arrive just a few days after he left. The kids didn't know anything about them, so they were really surprised. They each have one, with different fabrics on the back (so they can tell them apart), and they each hav their own special recorded message from daddy inside. At night when i tuck the 3 little ones in bed, I hear them pushing the buttons to hear daddy before they go to bed. It is so sweet. Here is what they look like: