Thursday, September 25, 2008

Updated pics

First, here is Kailyn's new haircut. I had been trying to talk her into getting it cut for a while. I finally just told her to get in the truck and took her to Supercuts! LOL I think it looks SUPER-CUTE! She is liking it too!

Here is the boys when we went to Chuck E Cheese one evening with Jamie and her family. Austin is still deathly afraid of Chuck E, but he did manage to have a little fun playing.
Megan playing one of the games at Chuck E Cheese. She got addicted to this one, where you try to make the tokens fall off the little moving shelves!
Allison and her new braces. They got put on today. I told her that Daddy and I now OWN her mouth! LOL If only we could recycle braces on all the kids....*sigh*
Jonathan playing at the Burger King playground.
Megan posing in the tunnel at the BK playground.
Austin smiling for the camera while waiting for our pizza at Chuck E Cheese.