Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Childrens Discovery Center (Trip #2)

Our second day of Fall Break, I took the kids to the Childrens Discovery Center. Beware...there is a lot of pics in this post! LOL

Here's the boys staring in the door as we waitd for them to open this morning. They were very impatient!And here's the whole crew standing under the rainbow just before we started our journey through the center.This is always Jonathan's favorite part...the mechanic shop! He loves fixing the car! Like father, like son! Who says big kids can't have fun too? Allison loved it as much as the little ones did.
And Kailyn found a big comfy chair in the reading room to get some rest!

Here's Austin, Rachel, and Aidan posing in the cutouts.
Next was Jonathan, Megan, and Allison.
Allison., Megan, and Jonathan doing a show in the theater.
Allison's future job...
Grocery shopping in the kids store.
Megan wants to be a pineapple farmer!
Here they are playing on the cargo ship.
Austin wants to be like his daddy (and Grandma) and drive a fork-lift!
Megan was goofing off with one of the many dressup outfits. She was playing full-force today!!!
Allison, Megan, and Jonathan playing the mouth. Allison is well educated on those teeth now! LOL

Megan hamming it up again in China!
Kailyn, Rachel, and Allison being served some sushi from Megan in Japan.
Sushi...yummy! (NOT!)
Austin drving a taxi truck.
When we left, there were about a bazillion birds in the parking lot. The kids loved chasing after them and watching the "wall" of birds fly away. This is only about 1/4 of the whole lot of them that was there when we first got there. *I'd fly away too, if I saw our motley crew running toward me!*