Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early bday presents

On saturday, Jonathan and Megan got giftcards from Nana and Papa for their bdays. So, on sunday we had a little adventure at Toys R Us and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Here is what they bought:
Jonathan with this wrestling set. He bought the playset and an extra pack of wrestlers. He is such a boy! LOL

Here is Megan's Hannah Montana Bear. It is a special one with cute blue eyes, sparkley fur, and of course the Hannah Montana logo on the foot. It also came with a necklace. She opted for the regular clothes instead of the Hannah Montana clothes b/c she liked the purple leggings with this outfit. She is such a girl! LOL

So, THANK YOU, NANA AND PAPA! They both loved shopping for themselves with their own money! Oh my my babies are growing up...I am getting old!