Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun day

The week of Fall Break is almost over. We have managed to have a lot of family fun this week. Our quest on thursday was to have a fun day with little money! LOL So, we ended up going to the Zoo, having a picnic lunch there, and then headed over to the Hale Koa for an afternoon of pool fun. Here's some shots of the day:
the zoo crewchecking out the orangutans, Rusty and Violet (I love the butt shots!) stopping for a break on the bench
Jonathan and buddy, Aidanthe rock chair...we have to take a picture here everytime!Me and Jamie Mommy, Allison, and Austinour picnic lunch
the chimps were quite lazy today...check them out! LOL
OMG! Never thought I'd round a corner and be a witness to a rhino-rendezvous!!!
Jonathan swimming
Kailyn has to pose for the camera
Austin,the fish boy
Allison decided to catch some rays...and some zzz'z

These boys were worn out! But it was such a fun day!!!