Monday, October 06, 2008

It's a walk in the park...

The DOG PARK, that is! LOL Jamie and I attempted to have a no-money day yesterday, so we visited the local dog park. We took Scooby and her dog, Coco. Here is Scooby in the back of the truck. He LOVES going anywhere and doesn't hesitate to jump in the back of the truck!Here's Scooby and Coco ready to go!Just a nice pic of our Scooby Doo! He's a big boy, but he is such a baby. He loves to be rubbed and hang out with the family. He is just one if us! Soaking up some love from a boy at the dog park.

Here Scooby was making a running pass by the men sitting on the bench. I tell you, he can smell testosterone a mile away! LOL
Getting a drink of water from the water fountain.

Socialization....Scooby was definintely the big dog on campus. He was Mr.Popularity with dogs and owners!

It was so much fun to watch him have fun! We will definitley be going again. I am nt quite sure why we haven't gone there before, but it was a huge hit. Two paws up for the dog park!