Saturday, October 04, 2008

Star Wars: The Snore Wars!!!

So, this afternoon, the movie theater on post was playing Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I took Allison, and the boys to see it. We met Jamie and her son and nephew there to see it together. The boys were all really looking forward to watching it. We got out tickets, then waited in line for our popcorn and cokes, and made our way into the theater. All was good until about half way through the movie when Austin started getting antsy, and Jonathan started asking to go home. I guess sci-fi is just not for them...Here is how they spent the last half of the movie...

Thats Keegan on the left, Aidna in the middle (the only boy to stay awake for the whole movie), and Jonathan on the right.And hbere's a close-up of Jonathan catching some major z's! LOL

And naturally, Austin climbed up in my lap and fell asleep is his favorite spot! LOL I just can't beleieve that they all fell alseep like that! It was so funny!!!