Wednesday, December 31, 2008

INK'ed again!

Yesterday, Jamie and I went downtown to Tattoolicious to get tattooed. We have been planning on getting a "deployment tattoo" for several months. There were several others that were going to get it as well, but they ended up opting out for various reasons. But, Jamie and I stayed true to our pact and got inked together! We both got variations of a butterfly with a yellow ribbon body, in honor of our soldiers. Mine is on my chest, over my heart. I love it!

Christmas Slideshow

I've been meaning to post christmas pictures, but the days have been rather hectic. So,I decided to just post a slideshow of christmas morning pics. We all had a good time, and the kids got way too much stuff. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Programs at school

Megan, Jonathan, and Austin had little Christmas programs at school this week. Here's some shots of them...
Austin and his friends in his class. These are the original 4 boys in his class. The past couple of weeks, they have gotten a new boy and a new girl in class, totalling 6 kids now.Austin and his teacher, Mrs.Santoki
Austin posing in his cool Santa shirt that he made at school. His class sang "Must be Santa", but he freaked and wouldn't go on stage.
Here's Jonathan waiting to go on stage. His class sang the Chipmunk's Christmas Song...hence, the chipmunk headband!
Megan's class gettin ready to sing. I dont remember what they sang (we heard a bunch of songs!), but she was terrified the whole time. Poor girl, has the same nervous anxiety problems that her daddy does! LOL

Grandma and Grandpa

are finally here!!! YAY!!!
here they are in front of the christmas tree at the Windward Mall
They love the shrimp trucks up on the north shore, so we ate lunch at Macky's before the kids got out of school one day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Georgia Bound!!!

We are officially headed to the Peach State next summer! YAY!!! We have to report to Ft.Stewart in June, so we should be leaving Hawaii in May, and will vacation and visit with family for a while before reporting. We are super excited to head back "home". And we still have so many friends still in Hinesville, so we look forward to seeing everyone again!

Friday, December 12, 2008

rain, rain, and more rain

It has been raining forever...or so it seems! Yesterday, we had a total of over 14 inches of rain in a 12m hour period. It was horrible. When I got up in the morning, I told Allison that she was NOT going to the bus stop in that rain. I told her that I would drive her to school instead. So, at 6:45, we headed out to school. We didn't make it far when we came upon 3 cars stalled in the middle of the road in over a foot of standing water. Luckily, my truck made it just fine through the water, but it was a bit frightening. I decided that we would circle around and just go back home. There was no sense in being out in those kinds of dangerous conditions. As we got home, a neighbor said that school had been canceled. We ended up all inside all day.

Today, the day started out fairly nice, with the sun peeking out a bit. Unfortunately, it didn't last. We had a huge thunderstorm roll in this evening. We never get thunderstorms in Hawaii, so the kids freaked out a bit. We located all the flashlights, got candles ready, and sat down to watch a movie. (The electric system here is terrible, so the power goes off all the time. We have to be ready for it all the time.) So, here is how Austin waited out the thunderstorm...ear protection from the thunder, blanket, and his glowy bear (it lights up) incase the power went out. LOL He was really freaked out...but I couldn't help but to smile at him. As it turned out, the storm passed without a power outage. YAY!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Last night, we went to the annual Schofield Barracks Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Here are some pics from the evening:
Here's the tree as the lights were turned on... My gang waiting for the festivities to begin
A family shot
The Christmas decorations
More decorations

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Before I explain the humiliation, I have a confession to make....I have been driving on an expired driver's license for 10 months! *shamefully hanging my head* I completely did not realize that it was expiring until it was too late, then I just never went to get a new one. Anyway, Jamie realized that her license was due to expire next week on her bday, so we both decided to go get a new Hawaii license together. We both had to take the written test since our old ones were out of state. I had to take both the written test AND road test since mine was already expired. I have not had to take ANY driver's test since I originally got my license 16 years ago. I passed the written test with no problems, but did notice the craziness of the 3 that I missed. So, when it was my turn to do the road test, the examiner came out and explained that most people fail b/c of bad habits of driving for years. I knew to be careful and really pay attention to signals, other cars, etc. Apparently Hawaii has some really crappy traffic laws, and I FAILED the road test.

The things that I got points docked were:
1.In Hawaii, when at a stop light waiting to turn left, you are supposed to move up into the middle of the intersection and wait for an opening to turn. (I was involved in an accident in GA b/c I did this and got ticketed for it! I thought you were to NEVER enter an intersection unless you could clear it immediately. This is NOT the case in Hawaii!)
2.When coming to an intersection in which you are making a right hand turn in a right turn only lane, you are supposed to hug the curb as close as possible. Apparently, I was not close enough to the curb, thus did not approach the turn correctly. Mind you, I was in a turn ONLY lane with my blinker on and never crossed out of my lane.
3.Driving down a road with a bike lane on right side...when preparing to make a right turn to a side road, you are to merge into the bike lane to make your right turn. (WHAT?!?!)

So, anyone coming to Hawaii, take have to drive like a bat out of He** in order to pass the driving test. So much for "better safe than sorry"! My friend said that it is probably b/c I am a white GA girl...2 negatives as far as the locals are concerned! LOL So, I have to wait a week and retest again.

While I wait, give me you it better to drive on my expired GA license and play the dumb part if I get pulled over, or to use my valid HI permit (without a licensed driver in the car)???

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I took Austin to see the ENT yesterday. He had his tonsils and addenoids removed last year, and has continued to have problems with what we have been calling allergies. He is constantly stuffed up or running like crazy in the nasal department. His speech is always nasally sounding. And the poor boy has sneezing spells that drive him (and me) crazy. So, yesterday, the ENT used a scope to look all up in his nasal cavities. I don't know how Austin sat still so good, it was not a pleasant thing to watch...eecckk! Anyway, everything looked good. We are gonna attack it as it being really bad allergies. He has already tried 3 different allergy meds with no luck. This time we are trying Allegra and Nasonex. I am also supposed to do the nasal wash with him twice a day...yeah, that was NOT successful last night! LOL I can't imagine doing it on myself, much less my 4 year old son! So, hopefully the meds will kick in and really help w/out the wash. I also have to take him in for some labwork to test his antibodies to try to find out what exactly he is allergic to. If they come back inconclusive, then we will have to do the skin testing. The good news is that nothing is really wrong, we just have to find the right allergy med that will work for him...this makes 4 medicines that he takes daily!