Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Programs at school

Megan, Jonathan, and Austin had little Christmas programs at school this week. Here's some shots of them...
Austin and his friends in his class. These are the original 4 boys in his class. The past couple of weeks, they have gotten a new boy and a new girl in class, totalling 6 kids now.Austin and his teacher, Mrs.Santoki
Austin posing in his cool Santa shirt that he made at school. His class sang "Must be Santa", but he freaked and wouldn't go on stage.
Here's Jonathan waiting to go on stage. His class sang the Chipmunk's Christmas Song...hence, the chipmunk headband!
Megan's class gettin ready to sing. I dont remember what they sang (we heard a bunch of songs!), but she was terrified the whole time. Poor girl, has the same nervous anxiety problems that her daddy does! LOL