Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I took Austin to see the ENT yesterday. He had his tonsils and addenoids removed last year, and has continued to have problems with what we have been calling allergies. He is constantly stuffed up or running like crazy in the nasal department. His speech is always nasally sounding. And the poor boy has sneezing spells that drive him (and me) crazy. So, yesterday, the ENT used a scope to look all up in his nasal cavities. I don't know how Austin sat still so good, it was not a pleasant thing to watch...eecckk! Anyway, everything looked good. We are gonna attack it as it being really bad allergies. He has already tried 3 different allergy meds with no luck. This time we are trying Allegra and Nasonex. I am also supposed to do the nasal wash with him twice a day...yeah, that was NOT successful last night! LOL I can't imagine doing it on myself, much less my 4 year old son! So, hopefully the meds will kick in and really help w/out the wash. I also have to take him in for some labwork to test his antibodies to try to find out what exactly he is allergic to. If they come back inconclusive, then we will have to do the skin testing. The good news is that nothing is really wrong, we just have to find the right allergy med that will work for him...this makes 4 medicines that he takes daily!