Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Parade

Last night, we watched the Hinesville Christmas Parade. It was a cold and soggy night, but we all had fun. Megan was at her best friends for a bday sleepover, so she missed it with us. We did, however, have a couple of extra kids with us. Our friends boys, Mason and Harrison, came with us to see the parade. It is neat to see a night parade. Growing up in Warner Robins, the christmas parade was in the morning, so the first time we saw a night parade was when we lived here the first time. Such a cool idea to use christmas lights on the floats! Yep, thats me and my honey waiting for the parade to start. The santa hats served as good rain hats! LOL
And here's my 2 big girls. They are getting so big! We had to hear them acting all cool and teenager-ly during the parade. I am getting so old!
Here are the boys very impatiently waiting for the parade. Austin, Mason, Jonathan, and Harrison.
I LOVE THIS ONE OF AUSTIN! Such a cute smile on his face! He really enjoyed the parade. He waved at everyone! I know his arm must have been tired. My last baby is growing up so fast...

Hinesville Christmas Celebration

Last week, Hinesville had its Downtown Christmas Celebration. They closed down the downtown area and had activities and crafts for the kids, food and snacks, and vendors from area churches and organizations. The kids had a ball. They made santa hats, decorated cookies, had popcorn, hot chocolate, hotdogs, saw santa AND his reindeer, and it was just a great night! Here are real live, GA reindeer. They came from a reindeer farm in north GA. It was so cool to see them...but i always thoght reindeer were bigger than that! LOL
Here's Megan and Austin sitting in Sants's sleigh with the reindeer ready for take-off!
Megan always ready to pose for the camera! She is so goofy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October/November Bdays

In October, Jonathan had his 7th birthday. We just had a little family party for him and I took cupcakes and cookies to his class to share. I forgot to take the camera to school, but here's a few from home:
he got a cool Transformers pinball machine from grandma and grandpa we got him a new bat and ball to practice for baseball season
and we got him a new Transformers skateboard
here he is with his presents. he also got a Indiana Jones PS2 game (that he LOVES!!!) and some giftcards for WalMart. he used his giftcards for some remote control things (a car and a 4 wheeler, i think)
Megan celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. We had our little family thing on sunday since Jason was going out to the field this week. we went out to eat after church, her choice...Cici's Pizza. UGH! i need to teach her that there are better places to eat!!! LOL anyway, afterwards, she opened presents from grandma and grandpa, and nana and papa. she wanted to save ours until she has ber slumber party on friday.
here she is being goofy!
she got a pretty blue sweater from gma and gpa
a Hannah Montana game from Nana and Papa
and gowgirl boots from Nana and Papa! YAY! she loves them!
cheesing with her little cake
being goofy AGAIN pretending to blow out the candles!


Couldn't resist these! Here are the boys and Allison sleeping in our big chair. I bought the chair from a yard sale and we all love it! It is so BIG!!! And parently, its comfy, too! LOL

And here are the boys knocked out in the truck one day. They are just so cute when they are sleeping! Of course, they are cute all the time, but they lose the innocent look as soon as they wake up!!!


At the elementary school, the library had a pumpkin decorating contest. The students were to bring in a pumpkin decorated to be a character in their favorite book. Here are the boys creations:
Jonathan's pumpkin was "Captain Underpants" and Austins was the tiger from "10 Apples Up On Top". They turned out so cute! They both got certificates (as did everyone that participated). The turn out was fantastic! There were over 65 pumpkins decorated in the library! These kids have so much creativity! It was great!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another blog about generic stuff

Megan and her BFF Lauren had a big photo shoot day this weekend. I think Kailyn was the photographer for the day. All the kids have really played good outside this weekend. I guess with the weather cooling off so that it is not blazing hot, has really helped with that. Here's a few of Megan and Lauren... They are so cute posing together! LOL
BFF's in the back of Jason's truck...what is it about the bed of a pickup that is so much fun for kids??? They ALL love to play in the back!
Here's my baby...uh, I mean my big boy, Austin! He is sure growing up fast! Here he is on sunday getting ready for church. This was his first time wearing a tie. He was so proud of himself. And if you can see his belt was one that Jason's dad actually made for him years ago. Jason has worn it, then put it on a small belt for Jonathan, and now Austin is wearing it. Can you get any more sweet than that?
A few weeks ago, Jason went on a open water fishing tournament. It was a free tournament for soldiers. All the boats, captains, fishing gear, bait, and even food was provided. They just had to be there at the crack of dawn and fish all day! He loved it, although he did get a bit sea sick (HAHAHAHAHAHA). He caught a couple of baracudas and a dolphin (fish, not mammal). Here is his baracuda. He reeled it in while the other guy got it in the boat. I think he really had a good time. It is great that there is so much military support here. Its great to be back in the SOUTH!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monday, September 14th...

now takes the title of the scariest day of my life. I guess it could even roll over to Tuesday, September 15...those were the days that my baby boy, Austin, lay motionless and unresponsive in an ICU bed in the hospital in Savannah. Before I get started on the story, let me say first that he is home and doing fine now. Praise the Lord! Now, for the story...

We noticed on sunday that Austin was not acting quite the way he usually does. He was acting kindda drunk...slurred speech, slow movements, slow responses, staggered walking, etc. We watched him closely all day and decided to take him tot he doc on monday if he had not changed. We had just stopped giving him one medication the friday prior, so I thought that it might be withdrawals from that medicine. On Monday, he had not changed. Still not exactly sure exactly what to do, I decided to take him to school and see if he would "snap out of it". For those of you who know the issues that he has, you know he is very structure oriented, so I thought maybe that would help a bit if it had to do with a bipolar phase. I did stay at the school, volunteering in the library, so I was closeby if the teacher needed me. After a couple of hourse, his teacher brought him to me. She was very concerned about his actions as well. HE just didn't seem to "be there". He has a runny nose and would just sit there kinnda blank with snot dripping down his face.

So, I called Jason. Told him to call the doctor and see if we needed to take him there or to the ER. They said to take him to the ER. We picked up Jason (whose truck had broken down that morning) and headed to the hospital. We were at the ER at lunchtime. Austin walked in to the ER with us, then climbed in Jason's lap. He went pretty limp from there. I took him so Jason could get a drink. After 45 minutes, we got called into the Triage Room. Austin could barely stand to get weighed at that point. The Triage Nurse immediately took us to a Treatment Room and briefed the docs and nurses about what was going on. After getting checked again by the doc, they started an IV, took blood, and sent us down for a CT Scan. By the time all of that was done, Austin could barely talk anymore. He struggled to open his eyes and nod his head for "yes and no".

All of the bloodwork and CT came back negative. The Pediatrician on call saw him, and decided to send him to Memorial Hospital in Savannah for Neurological treatment. (We were freaking out at this point!) We called friends to arrange care for the other kids, and to start a prayer chain for him. I rode in the ambulance with Austin and Jason drove to the hospital. Austin was admitted into the Pediatric ICU at about 7pm. (We are still freaking out) The PICU doc cam ein do check him out. She was fantastic! She said that she thought it was 1 of 2 things going on...either a freak reaction to his medication or a post infection from when he was sick last week. They did more tests, including a Lumbar Puncture to test his spinal fluid. We waited a while longer for those results to come in. They came back normal as well. They decided to start treating as if it was his medicine causing it, so they gave him something to try to counter the effects. Then we waited...

My mom had already gotten on the road headed for Savannah. She arrived a little after 9pm. Our PICU nurse had arranged a room for us to use to rest, change, etc down the hall from the ICU. Sometime after midnight, Jason and I went to nap while my mom sat with Austin. It was so hard to leave that room, but we knew we needed to get a little rest b/c we didn't know what was still going to happen. I think I napped in and out for about 2 1/2 hours, but I know I was back in his room at 3am. Nothing had changed. Still no signs of anything...except his vitals remained normal. The nurse was starting to get quite upset with it too, so he called the doc again and they decided to try another med to counter the effects. I think they administered it around 5am. Just after then, my mom and I walked out to get something to drink and snacks. When we came back into the room about 6am, he was just starting to show signs of waking up! By 7am, he was eating a popsicle! It took him more than a day to completely return, but he did come back to us!

Tuesday afternoon, they moved him out of PICU and into the regular Peds Ward. He stayed there overnight, and we came home Wednesday afternoon. He is back to my active, talkative, nonstop little boy now! Thank you,God! We have already seen his doc again, and are working with medications again. We are going to start one at the time, and go very slowly. Austin even went to school on friday. You would never be able to tell that he was in the hospital if you didn't know it. It is so mazing how quickly kids recover from things!

Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends for your thoughts, prayers, help during this time! You all mean so much to us! We are truly blessed!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad Blogger

Like I said before, I am turning into a bad blogger. We have all settled into normal life and things just don't seem like they are blog-worthy much anymore. That isn't a bad thing, but I will try to do better! Last weekend, we went to TN to visit the in-laws. It was a last minute trip, but it was a good one. Jason really had a good time working with his dad in the Garage-Mahal. I think it was good for both of them. Got me thinking maybe he needs to make a trip some day by himself to spend some time with his dad, just so they can spend time together doing the "man thing" and not have to worry about the rest of us. Anyway, on saturday, we had supper at Misty's (sis-in-law). She has a beautiful house and lots of land and "toys" for the boys to play with.

Here's our trailer parade. We took 2 boat trailers and a bunch of tool cabinets, etc for Jason's dad. We had quite the load on our Suburban...all that PLUS the seats filled with all of us! LOL
The women visiting around the table. (the back of Charlotte's head, Robin, Allison, and me)Kailyn playing with SawyerJason on the 4 wheeler. Of course, now he wants one!And Jonathan wants one too! LOL Look at those legs trying to short-legged boy! He had so much fun!Jonathan and Sam had a ball riding the 4 wheelers together. Times like this I really wish we lived closer to family so we could spend more time like this together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

Yes, I have been slacking with the blog...I know, I know! But when you feel like you are "home", I guess things just don't seem to be as blog-worthy as they were in Hawaii! LOL Here is my pitiful attempt to play catch-up on the latest happenings...
Jonathan and Austin have decided that they love to cut the grass with Daddy. Here is Jonathan actually DRIVING the lawnmower! Jason will even take him down the road and let him drive occasionally. He thinks he is so big!
Austin does sort-of like to ride on the tractor, too...BUT he has to have his earmuffs! Despite his stone-face, he has to have his turn riding it too!
Jonathan is getting so big...he likes to mow the grass by himself!

During the summer, we went to Splash in the Boro and had a blast! here are my 3 boys in the lazy river. They loved it!
Megan chilling out in the lazy river, too. I think they could have all just stayed in it all day!
Here is everyone on the bridge over the lazy river. I made them all stop so I could take a picture. It was such a fun day!
Kailyn and Jason rode the double-tube slide together. Here they are coming down!
Megan posing, as always!
Austin taking a break on the lawn chair. He was beat by the end of the day.
LOOK! Our first post-Hawaii rainbow! This was just as we were leaving our house, driving down the dirt road. I got so excited and had to take a picture!
The boys have decided that they really like Allison's electric scooter. Jonathan can drive it pretty good, although he does scare me to death on it. That thing really does go fast! I am waiting for him to crash...but so far, so good! Austin can't drive it, but he loves to hang on to his Bubba and ride with him!

Allison was baptized at church on August 2, 2009! Praise the Lord!
Last week, the kids and I went down to St.Mary's to visit Mary Ann and Kami. Both of them are stationed there in Kings Bay. It was a great visit! Here is a picture of us...first one in MANY MANY years!!! Old friends are the BEST!
And yet another lawn mower day...this time with the boys riding on the trailer. Boys and their toys...big boys AND little boys! They are too funny!
The boys first day of school!!!!! I forgot to get a picture of the girls, but they dont care anymore...they are too big for me to document everything! LOL Jonathan was being a big stud-muffin, not showing any fear of the first day! Austin was a little anxious, but has done very well. He seems to like it and only gets a little weepy in the mornings for drop-off! He wants to keep going, so that is GREAT!