Saturday, January 24, 2009

Status update

A lot has happened in the past 5 days...let me try to explain. On monday, my stepdad went to the heart doctor for the first time. They did a sonogram and a EKG. They immediately said that they wanted to do a heart cath the next day. On tuesday, he went in for the heart cath where they found one artery that was 90% blocked and one that more than 50% blocked. They decided to do a stint and then the problems started. The stint sheared off some of the calcified blockage and got stuck. They did emergency open heart surgery. He had to do 4 heart bypasses and also fixed an electrical problem that was causing an irregular heartbeat. I was on a plane tuesday night, and landed in GA on wednesday afternoon. He was in ICU until friday. He is now in a regular room, and we hope he will get to come home sunday or monday. He is doing as good as can be expected. I am in GA until friday, the 30th. I am here to help support him and momma with whatever I can. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else at this point. It was hard to leave Jason and the kids at home, but it worked out great that he was home and able to take care of them so I could come. And it just means that we get to have another welcome home when I get back! LOL Please keep us in your prayers! We need them!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More welcome home pics...

Just trying to get up to date with homecoming pics...

Boys and their toys....

Jason and Jonathan spent some quality time trying to fix Allison's scooter this weekend. Jonathan has always LOVED fixing things with his daddy, and he has missed that with him gone. Here they are both leaned over the scooter...deep in thought...LOL Of course, Austin has to joinin on the fixing fun too!
Once the got finished with the hard labor, they had to have some good old fashioned playtime! Here is their GeoTrax creation...
And they all 3 enjoyed playing with it for a nice long time! The boys are sure enjoying having their daddy home!

Sympathy pain

This is Kailyn's post-op spot on the couch. She spent several days propped up on the couch, using the pillows to prop her foot up. This day, Austin scrapped his ankle while playing outside. I walked into the living room and he was in Kailyn's spot all propped up. He said it was making his boo-boo feel better! LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday surgery

On monday, Kailyn had orthopedic surgery on her foot. We had to be at the hospital at 8:30am. At 12:09pm, we finally left her being wheeled into the OR. The doc originally sayed that it would only be about 30-45 minutes, so I was on pins and needles when he didnt come out to talk to us until 2 hours later!!! As it turned out, he had to basically do the procedure twice b/c the first time did not get the best results that he was hoping for. I went back to see her in recovery about 30 minutes later. She was still out cold. The nurse said that they had given her a lot of morphine, so we waited for her to wake up. She did wake up and has pretty much been fine since. Her foot is in a splint right now and sheis on strick orders to ot put any weight on it for 2 weeks. Then we will go back to see the doc and he will take the metal pin out of her toe and put on a regular cast for another 4 weeks. She is on pain meds and will probably be home for the rest of the week (they are still on break and dont go back to school until tomorrow anyway). She is currently eating up the tv time on the couch, and the snacks that friends have brought for her. Here's a couple of pics of her:
Pre-op KailynPost-op Kailyn

sunday family outing

On sunday, we had out first family outing with Jason home. We went for an island drive. We stopped first at Haleiwa and had some yummy shave ice. This is definitely one of the things we will miss when we finally leave the island. The marketplace where we uaully get our shave ice had recently put up a new sign, so here are the kids taking turns in the picture:
Megan and Austin Allison and Austin
Jonathand and Austin
And here is everyone enjoiying their shave ice. YUMMY! Nothing like ice soaked in flavored sugar water! LOL

Saturday, January 10, 2009

HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick picture of our newly reunited family!!! More to come later.....

Friday, January 02, 2009

Rockin' 2009

After days and nights of watching the kids play Rockband, grandma and grandpa finally got in on the action! LOL Here they are rocking out with Megan on drums. I figured they would deny it, so i had to snap a picture as proof! LOL grandpa on bass
grandma on guitar

Ringing in the New Year...welcome 2009!!!!!

We rang the New Year in at home with my parents. It was an uneventful night, but was a nice one. Here are some pics of my crazy kids...
Megan and ScoobyScooby all decked out
Allison and Kailyn
all 3 of my girls partying the night away
Jonathan and his 2009 glasses
Mr. New Year!!! LOL
Jonathan enjoying his sparkling apple cider