Saturday, January 24, 2009

Status update

A lot has happened in the past 5 days...let me try to explain. On monday, my stepdad went to the heart doctor for the first time. They did a sonogram and a EKG. They immediately said that they wanted to do a heart cath the next day. On tuesday, he went in for the heart cath where they found one artery that was 90% blocked and one that more than 50% blocked. They decided to do a stint and then the problems started. The stint sheared off some of the calcified blockage and got stuck. They did emergency open heart surgery. He had to do 4 heart bypasses and also fixed an electrical problem that was causing an irregular heartbeat. I was on a plane tuesday night, and landed in GA on wednesday afternoon. He was in ICU until friday. He is now in a regular room, and we hope he will get to come home sunday or monday. He is doing as good as can be expected. I am in GA until friday, the 30th. I am here to help support him and momma with whatever I can. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else at this point. It was hard to leave Jason and the kids at home, but it worked out great that he was home and able to take care of them so I could come. And it just means that we get to have another welcome home when I get back! LOL Please keep us in your prayers! We need them!