Saturday, February 21, 2009

Austin's field trip to the Bishop Museum

On friday, Jason and I went with Austin on a field trip with his class. We went to the Bishop Museum in Kalihi. We have been there before, but they have one building that brings in different exhibits throughout the year. Right now, they have an exhibit for The Cartoon Network's Cartoon Animation. It was really too "old" for the pre-k kids, but they seemed to enjoy most of it. Austin got a little freaked by parts of it b/c it was a bit dark in some areas.

Here's Austin and Jason playing with a game while we waited for the bius to arrive. Austin was so proud to have his daddy at school with him! Austin grinning while we were waiting to board the bus.
All 3 of us on the bis ride to the museum. We were all squished in one bus seat...somehow I don't remember the seats being that small when I was a kid! LOL
Preston, Zeno, Austin, Maddi, and Ethan ready to check out the museum!

Austin and Daddy posing with Scooby Doo! Definitely one of Austin's favorite!
Posing with Fred Flintstone...but I don't think Austin has ever seen The Flintstones! How sad is that????
Inside the Science Building, there was this cool felt/velcro board. Austin thought it was fun playing with it.
Also in the Science Building, is a volcano! Austin was pretty freaked out about it, too...but it is a way cool thing. You can go inside it and see the "lava tubes" and watch it erupt, too. Here it is starting to bubble...
And there she blows!!!!!
We had to go outside when he got freaked by the volcano, so here we are sitting on a bench while he calmed down.
Jason walked around with him for a while until the rest of his class was finished inside the Science Building. Look at them...they even walk the same! Austin is just like his Daddy!
And here is my little man snoozing on the way home! He was sooo tired, but I couldn't resist snapping this pic of my sweet boy!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour

Today, Jason and I went to the Kualoa Ranch for their Movie Site Tour. It was a lot of fun! The bus ride up and down the mountain was insanely rough, but the sites were cool, and it made me realize (AGAIN) that we really do live in paradise! Here are some pics from our day...

My Birthday

On sunday, I turned 33years old. WOW! The older I get, the more age doesn't metter! LOL Jason let me sleep in a bit, and he and the kids made me breakfast. Here is my yummy bday breakfast! My man is sooo creative! LOL He says it is a Sagitarius thing...who knows, but I love him for it!In the afternoon, we went downtown to have supper with Jamie and her kids at Buca di Beppo. It was ok italian food, but not the best. Here is our crew waiting for our food.
When we got home, I had a note on the door saying that I had a delivery from Edible Arrangements at my neighbor's house. So, I went to pick it up, and was surprised by this great bday arrangement from Jason! I LOVE IT AND HIM!!!! What a great bday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

And what a happy day it has been! I woke up this morning surrounded by balloons! Jason got me 4 giant balloons and had them clipped to my side of the bed. LOL He also had me some beautiful peach roses, some Hershey kisses, and a couple of vday cards. I LOVE MY MAN!!! He has really spoiled me this year (I think mainly he is making up for all the missed special days last year)!
my beautiful roses...peach roses have always been special to us my huge balloons!!!!!

For lunch, we ordered pizza. Here is our special heart shaped pizza for Vday!!! LOL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jimmy Buffett and my new animal

Right after Jason came home, we heard that Jimmy Buffett was coming back to Hawaii. He LOVES Jimmy Buffett. He got online and found out when tickets went on sale. He ordered than and we got them in the mail yesterday. he was so excited! I guess that will serve as his Valentine's Day present. LOL I am so excited....we have a new animal in the house! A Dyson Animal, that is! LOL I have wanted a Dyson for a while, but haven't been able to justify the cost until now. Since we recently found out that Austin has a severe allergy to dust mites, I figure I can justify it wth his health! LOL Anyway, we have been checking them out and bought one today. It is amazing how much more crap it picks up than the regular one! YAY for Dyson!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An early bday...

My 33rd birthday is fast approaching. On friday last week, Jason took me out for our "Date Night Bday Dinner". We went to Ruth's Chris Streakhouse downtown in Restuarant Row. It was a very nice place...very romantic, and very expensive! LOL We got all dressed up and went out just the two of us! Here we are:
getting ready to leave the house...don't we look purdy???
Sitting at our table at the restuarant
my free cheesecake for my bday from Ruth's Chris was YUMMY!

When we got home from dinner, the kids and Jamie were there waiting to surprise me with an early surprise party! They were all so proud of themselves for surprising me (even though I messed up Jamie's gift for me earlier that day! LOL). I had a cake, decorations, and presents! I am impressed that everyone, including my hubby kept it a secret! That was a first!!! LOL Here are some pics:

me and my yummy cake

opening presents