Sunday, March 29, 2009

Senor Frogs

is AWESOME!!! We haad so much fun! Last night was our last PNO in Hawaii. We went down to Waikiki with Jamie, Charlie, and Cindy and had supper at Senor Frogs. Talk about a good time! It was so much fun! We got balloon hats, did a conga line, had a couple of tall fruity drinks, and had a blast! What a great last night out with friends...I will miss our good times and my great friends...:(

On our way back to the truck, we came across the King of Waikiki! LOL There are street performers about every 50 feet all the way down the main strip in Waikiki. This guy was great. We had to take a picture with him!

Family, friends, and fun!

We have friends visiting right now. Cindy and her daughter Izzie are old friends that we met while we were in Germany. They are currently stationed in Texas. They came to visit Hawaii and us before we PCS next month. Here are some highlights of our fun time with them so far...
Megan and Izzie on the Pineapple ExpressMegan and her blue mouth after eating some shave ice in Haleiwa.Waimea Falls The wacky crew that hiked the falls with us.
Me and CindyPosing with the waterfallJonathanJonathan contemplating going in the water...Me and Jason
Me and my honey
the family minus Allison...she was being a tookey
The family with Allison being a tookey

Twilight Tween Night 09'

Date: Friday March 20th
Time: 6pm-midnight
Where: Chili's and Borders
What: Kailyn's 11th bday/Twilight DVD release party
OMG...what was I thinking??? Jamie and I took Kailyn and Allison and 2 of Kailyn's girlfriends out to eat and to the Twilight dvd release party. Did I mention it was at midnight??? I am way to old to be doing that! Much less being surrounded by all the tweenagers giggling, chatting, giggling, texting, giggling, eating, giggling, drinking, and did I mention the giggling? LOL It was insane! I definitley ended the night completey apologetic for all the craziness that my mom endured with me and my girlfriends! Here is a pic of Jamie and me trying to ease the night with a daquiry...LOL
And here are the girls all decked out in Twilight apparel...yes, Jamie and I did, too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Daddy's helpers

Since we are about to move again, we have started cleaning out the house and going through our belongings. About a week ago, Jason started tearing down the swing set. We bought it from someone on Craigslist, so it was not much money, and it was not going to be sturdy enough to move or take apart to sell. So we decided to work out some aggression and tear it down! Here are some pics of the kids helping in the job...
Jonathan giving the saw a try. He wasn't so sure about it vibrating his hand so much! Here is Kailyn bein daddy's right-hand girl! She loves helping with the power tools, too...that's my girl!!! LOL

J0nathan using the drill to unscrew the top boards on the swingset.

rain, rain, and more rain

The weather here lately has been terrible! It has rained almost everyday for weeks! I am so tired of it. Today is actually a little better than these pis, so I am hopeful that it is slowly getting better. I want to hit the beach before we leave Hawaii!!! Please Mr.Sunshine, show us your rays!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cast free!!!

Kailyn is now cast FREE! Here is finished product:

Parrot-heads and Fruitcakes

Last night Jason and I went to see Jimmy Buffett in concert at the Waikiki Shell. We had a blast! The concert was great, and the people-watching was even better! LOL There were some crazy people there...some drunk, some not. And, although there was a wide range of ages of people, I definitely think we were in the minority! There were some crazy old folks!!! Here are some highlights...
Jason and me in our Buffett attire. We both were wearing Margaritaville shirts (although you can't really tell int he pics). Jason's cool shark hat! He got stopped several times at the concert for pictures!
We claimed our spot on the lawn and waited for it to fill up! We got there 1 1/2 hours early and had no problem getting a good spot. And it filled up to the max before all was said and done.
The view of the Shell from our spot!
It has been quite windy for days here in paradise...last night was no exception. The wind blew like crazy all night...I was freezing!

Some of the crazy crowd...check out the lobster hat. And look real close to see the man lying down with the coconut bra on! Too funny!
More crowd...there's the guy and chic with the coconut bras...they were funny. There were lots of coconut bras and bikini's...but I don't know how they didn't freeze, unless it was b/c of the alcohol! LOL

I liked these hats! Love the cheeseburger one!

OOOHHHH! This chic was dressed like I pirate beer-wench. She was by herself, and she made sure she walked around like 50 times so everyone could see her. She even would stand up and pose so people could take pics...she was weird. Don't think I would have gone anywhere like that BY MYSELF! Not sure if she left with anyone, but with all the alcohol consumed, I bet she did!
Here is the Shell all lit up. They changed the colors with the songs. It was really cool. They even had lights that made it look like it was underwater. Very pretty!
Pics of Jimmy!!!!

MAHALO Jimmy for a great concert!!!