Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Tween Night 09'

Date: Friday March 20th
Time: 6pm-midnight
Where: Chili's and Borders
What: Kailyn's 11th bday/Twilight DVD release party
OMG...what was I thinking??? Jamie and I took Kailyn and Allison and 2 of Kailyn's girlfriends out to eat and to the Twilight dvd release party. Did I mention it was at midnight??? I am way to old to be doing that! Much less being surrounded by all the tweenagers giggling, chatting, giggling, texting, giggling, eating, giggling, drinking, and did I mention the giggling? LOL It was insane! I definitley ended the night completey apologetic for all the craziness that my mom endured with me and my girlfriends! Here is a pic of Jamie and me trying to ease the night with a daquiry...LOL
And here are the girls all decked out in Twilight apparel...yes, Jamie and I did, too!