Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lotsa house pictures...

Here is the front of our house!Jason, Megan, and Jonathan planted our first tree in our yard. Now, we can watch it grow for many years!
The entry way. We put up the backpack/coat hanger, and we plan on having an entry table on the other side.
The living room. Check out the FREE sectional we got from the post yard sale. Not the prettiest, but it works until we either find something else or get our household goods delivered.
Looking from the living on left, dining room on right, our bedroom at the end on the right, and garage at the end of the left.
Kitchen view #1
Kitchen view #2
Dining room
Megan's room. Hers is the only bedroom on the front of the house.
Main bathroom...its a jungle in there!
Allison and Kailyn's room
Boys room(all the toys are in the closet! All the bedrooms have walk in closets!)
Master bedroom
Master closet view #1
Master closet view #2 (there is actually another closet in the master bedroom, but I think we will use it for a linen closet, since this one is big enough for all of our stuff...for now!)
Master bath view #1
Master bathtub
Master shower
garage view #1(yes, Jason is already stocking the tool cabinets! LOL)
garage view #2