Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A quick update

So, I figured I would just post a quick update. The kids are all in school, except for Austin. We have a meeting with the SPED Director next week, but I dont anticipate him going to school until next school year. Jason has started his in-processing this week. We still dont know what unit he will be assigned to, but the brigade that he is suppose to be going just got back from Iraq in Dec. They are not loking to deploy again until Fall 2010, so we are pretty sure that we will have a good bit of "home" time for a little while.

Austin's 5th bday was April 20th. We had a little party for him already before we left Hawaii, but we couldn't let the day go without a little something. So, here he is posing with his cake. Jason picked up the cake and candle for him and a couple of presents to open...but he forgot to buy a lighter! LOL We told Austin we woul djust have to pretend that the candle was on fire. He was fine with that. We sang Happy Bday to him and then I told him to "blow out the candle". He looked at me like I was crazy and we all busted out laughing! Jason and I took Austin to Build-A-Bear as a special thing for his bday. He got to make his first bear, and he LOVED it! He wanted to buy Batman clothes (of course) for his bear, and then he named it "BatBear"! Here they are all decked out in Batman clothes! So cute!!!
Here is my crazy dog enjoying the sunshine on the back porch...
Our new pool!!! The kids are loving it! My only complaint is that we waited a week and a half before we bought it! LOL