Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fishing Derby June 2009

This morning, Ft.Stewart had a kids fishing derby at one of the ponds on post. Jason has been wanting to take the kids so badly, so we took this opportunity to take them. Allison was gone to a bday party, so she missed out on the fun, but everyone else was there. Rick was even here. He came up to visit this weekend. We had a great time. Here are the highlights...
Getting started...Jonathan got the first catch of the day! He literally caught this catfish about 2 minutes after we got to the pond. He squealed "I got one, I got one!" It was soooo cute!
Austin was next to get one. He caught the biggest one! YAY, Austin!
Kailyn was the real fisherman of the day. She baited her own hooks, fished by herself, and even carried her own fish! She caught the most of the day!
Megan had a slow start, and got frustrated with it, but she ended the day on a good note. She caught the last one of the day!
Here is our cooler full of catfish! They even had a station set up where people were cleaning and fileting the fish for you, so that was great! we just had to stand in line and all the work was done for us!
Aaahhhh, the finished product! YUMMY, fresh, fried catfish!