Friday, June 12, 2009

Flying fish!

The kids are now finishing up with week 1 of summer break. What a week it has been...there has been doctors appoinments every single day for someone, sometimes 2 of them. Other than that, we really haven't done anything besides just play in the pool and have sleepovers. I tell ya, these kids are gonna turn into fishies before the summer is over! LOL They are loving having the pool in the backyard, andI am too! The girls have been swimming for a while, but Jonathan has always been too scared to really swim. He always played in the water in Hawaii, but not really swimming. That has sure changed since we have had the pool. He is now jumping in, going under the water, and even swimming under the water! Here are some pics of Jonathan and Megan having a ball in the pool yesterday...

ready, set... GO!

And here's Jonathan's turn...Talk about an action pic! LOL SPLASH!!!!