Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jason's fender-bender

So, Jason called me at lunch yesterday. He has been attending soem kind of class this week and has not had time to come home for lunch every day. he called me from the gast station to say that someone backed into him in the parking lot. Of course, I was thinking "Oh great! When it rains, it pours! They screwed up his pay this month, so this just really tops the cake!" Well, he sent me pics, and it is not bad at all. I always thought women were supposed to be the ones that blew things out of proportion...not true! I guess maybe he is just sensitive when it comes to his truck! LOL Anyway here is the damage...not much at all. Just a busted taillight (not even completely busted) and a little scuffed up paint. Here is the girl's truck that backed into him...dented in and even tail pipe bent. I guess it goes to show that they don't make trucks like they used to! Jason's was really barely scuffed and hers was dented pretty good! Anyway, the girl got ticketed and the police report will be ready on friday. We will get an estimate for repairs and file with her insurance, and let Jason fix it. I am so glad that it isn't too bad!