Saturday, July 11, 2009

Puppy pics

With all the pictures of the kids, I can't leave out my canine kids! LOL Here are my pups...
Scooby snoozing on the floor...his favorite thing to do his favorite thing! LOL Buddy chillin' inthe living room. Who could resist that face?
He may look sweet, but he can get into some stuff! He is still a pup and likes to find things to chew!
Best buds!
Yes, Scooby thinks he is a person and needs a pillow to be extra comfortable!

My fishermen

While I was gone to Cincinatti, Jason took the kids to Bass Pro for a kids workshop. They got to do animal identification, learn about all kinds of animals, etc. They really seemed to enjoy it and had to tell me ALL about it when I got back. Here are the boys with there Magazine cover pics...So cute! They are such boys! LOL

July 4th Celebration

Ft.Stewart had it July 4th Celebration on the 3rd this year. They had all kids of things going on for the whole weekend, but the most of the activities were on the 3rd. There was a carnival, all the inflatable slides/bounce houses you could think of, arts and crafts for the kids, magic and bmx shows (which the boys loved!), free food, free putt-putt, free water sprayground, free pool, free indoor playhouse, free rollerskating, a concert, and fireworks to end the night! It was great! Here are some highlights:

My crew plus 1 (Megan's friend, Hannah) with an old Dale Sr racecar!Allison was so excited b/c she got a whole-in-one!Daddy trying to help Austin with his putting. Allison is hoping for her Prince, but I say she has many more years to go! LOLAustin wanted to ride the turtleMegan and HannahJonathan playing in the spraygroundAustin is a little waterboy! LOL

Kailyn waiting for the boys to get off a bouncehouse. Allison and Kailyn got to go rollerskatingWaiting for the concert to start

My big girls hangin' outTRACE ADKINS!!!

We had a Honky Tonk Badonkadonk time!!!! I could listen to his voice all day! LOL

My goofy girls' new do's

On thursday this week, I took the girls out for a girls day out with mom. We went to Beaufort, to Margie's (my step-mom) beauty salon to haircuts for everyone. The girls all went first, but then played with the camera while I was in the chair. Here they are goofing off with their new do's...
Megan and AllisonMegan really cheesing it...she only got a little trim...wants to let her hair grow long.
Allison on the phone as always...teenage years...YIKES!
Kailyn got a cut showing off her curls in the back.
Look at all those curls!

NKOTB in Cincinatti

I know that I have slacked on the blog lately, but I am gonna try to get it updated this weekend. Here is my first installment of road trip to Cincinatti to see NKOTB!!! WOOHOO!!! On friday June 27th, Jamie, Tonya, Brenda, and I headed out to Cincinatti. We drove the whole way friday afternoon/evening and laughed the whole way! We made it to Covington, KY and stayed in a wonderful Marriott right on the Ohio River. The view of Cincinatti from our hotel was fabulous, and the beds/pillows were heavenly! Of course, the fact that we didn't have to share the bed, wake up with kids or dogs, and could sleep as late as we wanted added to the wonderful-ness of it! LOL

On saturday, we spent some time riding around the area, checking things out. We walked across the suspension bridge that was beside out hotel and just enjoying being "girls" for a while. It wasn't long before we were on our way to the Riverbend Music Center for our concert!The concert was better than I ever imagined. Although it was hot, hot, hot...we enjoyed every minute of it. The dance group Jabawokee opened the show, then Jesse McCartney was on stage. My girls would have gone nuts to see him, but this was a BIG girls trip and they just were not invited! HA It was getting dark as the time came for the New Kids. They came on, and lit up the stage! I mean, that place was rockin'! It was a fantastic show and I screamed and took pictures as fast as I could! We truly had a blast. During the whole trip, we had 3 cameras snapping pictures (except during the concert we only 2, b/c the guards wouldn't let Tonya bring her's in), so we have over 400 pics from the weekend. I wanted to post so many, and i tried narrowing it down, but still decided to just post a slideshow with some of the good ones.

Here are the 4 of us after the concert...we are STILL glowing! LOL And here is the slideshow!