Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th Celebration

Ft.Stewart had it July 4th Celebration on the 3rd this year. They had all kids of things going on for the whole weekend, but the most of the activities were on the 3rd. There was a carnival, all the inflatable slides/bounce houses you could think of, arts and crafts for the kids, magic and bmx shows (which the boys loved!), free food, free putt-putt, free water sprayground, free pool, free indoor playhouse, free rollerskating, a concert, and fireworks to end the night! It was great! Here are some highlights:

My crew plus 1 (Megan's friend, Hannah) with an old Dale Sr racecar!Allison was so excited b/c she got a whole-in-one!Daddy trying to help Austin with his putting. Allison is hoping for her Prince, but I say she has many more years to go! LOLAustin wanted to ride the turtleMegan and HannahJonathan playing in the spraygroundAustin is a little waterboy! LOL

Kailyn waiting for the boys to get off a bouncehouse. Allison and Kailyn got to go rollerskatingWaiting for the concert to start

My big girls hangin' outTRACE ADKINS!!!

We had a Honky Tonk Badonkadonk time!!!! I could listen to his voice all day! LOL