Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

Yes, I have been slacking with the blog...I know, I know! But when you feel like you are "home", I guess things just don't seem to be as blog-worthy as they were in Hawaii! LOL Here is my pitiful attempt to play catch-up on the latest happenings...
Jonathan and Austin have decided that they love to cut the grass with Daddy. Here is Jonathan actually DRIVING the lawnmower! Jason will even take him down the road and let him drive occasionally. He thinks he is so big!
Austin does sort-of like to ride on the tractor, too...BUT he has to have his earmuffs! Despite his stone-face, he has to have his turn riding it too!
Jonathan is getting so big...he likes to mow the grass by himself!

During the summer, we went to Splash in the Boro and had a blast! here are my 3 boys in the lazy river. They loved it!
Megan chilling out in the lazy river, too. I think they could have all just stayed in it all day!
Here is everyone on the bridge over the lazy river. I made them all stop so I could take a picture. It was such a fun day!
Kailyn and Jason rode the double-tube slide together. Here they are coming down!
Megan posing, as always!
Austin taking a break on the lawn chair. He was beat by the end of the day.
LOOK! Our first post-Hawaii rainbow! This was just as we were leaving our house, driving down the dirt road. I got so excited and had to take a picture!
The boys have decided that they really like Allison's electric scooter. Jonathan can drive it pretty good, although he does scare me to death on it. That thing really does go fast! I am waiting for him to crash...but so far, so good! Austin can't drive it, but he loves to hang on to his Bubba and ride with him!

Allison was baptized at church on August 2, 2009! Praise the Lord!
Last week, the kids and I went down to St.Mary's to visit Mary Ann and Kami. Both of them are stationed there in Kings Bay. It was a great visit! Here is a picture of us...first one in MANY MANY years!!! Old friends are the BEST!
And yet another lawn mower day...this time with the boys riding on the trailer. Boys and their toys...big boys AND little boys! They are too funny!
The boys first day of school!!!!! I forgot to get a picture of the girls, but they dont care anymore...they are too big for me to document everything! LOL Jonathan was being a big stud-muffin, not showing any fear of the first day! Austin was a little anxious, but has done very well. He seems to like it and only gets a little weepy in the mornings for drop-off! He wants to keep going, so that is GREAT!