Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another blog about generic stuff

Megan and her BFF Lauren had a big photo shoot day this weekend. I think Kailyn was the photographer for the day. All the kids have really played good outside this weekend. I guess with the weather cooling off so that it is not blazing hot, has really helped with that. Here's a few of Megan and Lauren... They are so cute posing together! LOL
BFF's in the back of Jason's truck...what is it about the bed of a pickup that is so much fun for kids??? They ALL love to play in the back!
Here's my baby...uh, I mean my big boy, Austin! He is sure growing up fast! Here he is on sunday getting ready for church. This was his first time wearing a tie. He was so proud of himself. And if you can see his belt was one that Jason's dad actually made for him years ago. Jason has worn it, then put it on a small belt for Jonathan, and now Austin is wearing it. Can you get any more sweet than that?
A few weeks ago, Jason went on a open water fishing tournament. It was a free tournament for soldiers. All the boats, captains, fishing gear, bait, and even food was provided. They just had to be there at the crack of dawn and fish all day! He loved it, although he did get a bit sea sick (HAHAHAHAHAHA). He caught a couple of baracudas and a dolphin (fish, not mammal). Here is his baracuda. He reeled it in while the other guy got it in the boat. I think he really had a good time. It is great that there is so much military support here. Its great to be back in the SOUTH!!!