Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October/November Bdays

In October, Jonathan had his 7th birthday. We just had a little family party for him and I took cupcakes and cookies to his class to share. I forgot to take the camera to school, but here's a few from home:
he got a cool Transformers pinball machine from grandma and grandpa we got him a new bat and ball to practice for baseball season
and we got him a new Transformers skateboard
here he is with his presents. he also got a Indiana Jones PS2 game (that he LOVES!!!) and some giftcards for WalMart. he used his giftcards for some remote control things (a car and a 4 wheeler, i think)
Megan celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. We had our little family thing on sunday since Jason was going out to the field this week. we went out to eat after church, her choice...Cici's Pizza. UGH! i need to teach her that there are better places to eat!!! LOL anyway, afterwards, she opened presents from grandma and grandpa, and nana and papa. she wanted to save ours until she has ber slumber party on friday.
here she is being goofy!
she got a pretty blue sweater from gma and gpa
a Hannah Montana game from Nana and Papa
and gowgirl boots from Nana and Papa! YAY! she loves them!
cheesing with her little cake
being goofy AGAIN pretending to blow out the candles!


Couldn't resist these! Here are the boys and Allison sleeping in our big chair. I bought the chair from a yard sale and we all love it! It is so BIG!!! And parently, its comfy, too! LOL

And here are the boys knocked out in the truck one day. They are just so cute when they are sleeping! Of course, they are cute all the time, but they lose the innocent look as soon as they wake up!!!


At the elementary school, the library had a pumpkin decorating contest. The students were to bring in a pumpkin decorated to be a character in their favorite book. Here are the boys creations:
Jonathan's pumpkin was "Captain Underpants" and Austins was the tiger from "10 Apples Up On Top". They turned out so cute! They both got certificates (as did everyone that participated). The turn out was fantastic! There were over 65 pumpkins decorated in the library! These kids have so much creativity! It was great!