Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Parade

Last night, we watched the Hinesville Christmas Parade. It was a cold and soggy night, but we all had fun. Megan was at her best friends for a bday sleepover, so she missed it with us. We did, however, have a couple of extra kids with us. Our friends boys, Mason and Harrison, came with us to see the parade. It is neat to see a night parade. Growing up in Warner Robins, the christmas parade was in the morning, so the first time we saw a night parade was when we lived here the first time. Such a cool idea to use christmas lights on the floats! Yep, thats me and my honey waiting for the parade to start. The santa hats served as good rain hats! LOL
And here's my 2 big girls. They are getting so big! We had to hear them acting all cool and teenager-ly during the parade. I am getting so old!
Here are the boys very impatiently waiting for the parade. Austin, Mason, Jonathan, and Harrison.
I LOVE THIS ONE OF AUSTIN! Such a cute smile on his face! He really enjoyed the parade. He waved at everyone! I know his arm must have been tired. My last baby is growing up so fast...